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New thresholds for OJEU advertisement published

On 24 November the Commission adopted three delegated regulations setting out the thresholds for public sector and utilities procurement which will apply under Directives 2014/23/EU, 2014/24/EU and 2014/25/EU. The new thresholds will take effect on 1st January 2016 for those countries which have already implemented the directives (such as the UK, in relation to the Public Sector Directive). For other countries they will take effect at the time of implementation or, at the latest, on 18 April 2016.The revision aligns the thresholds with the special drawing rights set out in the WTO Government Procurement Agreement, based on the exchange value of the euro. This means that the euro values have gone up slightly. However given the relative strength of sterling, the equivalent values in GBP have actually gone down. The new thresholds are shown below.

Supplies Services Works/Concessions

Central government
€135,000 (£106,047) €135,000 (£106,047) €5,225,000 (£4,104,394)

Other public bodies
€209,000 (£164,176) €209,000 (£164,176) €5,225,000 (£4,104,394)

Light-touch regime public sector
€750,000 (£589,148)

€418,000 (£328,352) €418,000 (£328,352) €5,225,000 (£4,104,394)

Light-touch regime utilities
€1,000,000 (£785,530)


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